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Modern-Day Renaissance Man

From podcasts to pop-ups and everything in between, Valentin Saqueton (aka VEEJ!) has managed to do the most... in a good way. A self-described 'graphic designer with rapper dreams who has his hands in a diverse range of projects, creative crafts, and happenings: he has a podcast, a clothing brand, runs a creative swap meet, and last year he started a workshop series called Each One Teach One. At our Sound Future Event Planning Workshop on February 23, he'll share some of his insight.

Check out his bio his website:

Hi, my name is Valentin Saqueton, a multi-faceted San Diego based graphic designer. I’m currently on my third year of freelancing, having taken on projects with non-profits, music labels, artists, restaurants, etc. with projects that have called for branding, identity, web design, infographics, campaigns, album roll outs and much more. I have a passion for building with the community which has added another role to my plate, event planner or community organizer. Through collaborations with local entities in San Diego, I’ve put together a creative workshop program called Each One Teach One, providing classes for over 250 creatives, and a creative Swap Meet called Clean Slate, serving local brands, businesses, and artists a platform to engage with consumers on a human and familiar level. On top of that, I have a podcast where I speak with friends about their creative journeys called One Degree of Separation and a passion project clothing brand called One of None.

What is your favorite part about being a professional creative?

Doing something creative everyday and there's a possibility of every day being different.

What are things people do not consider when thinking of pursuing creative arts?

It's fulfilling but can be a living as well. It also has the power to impact communities.

What words would you like to share with youth who would like to have a creative career?

Anything's possible. The only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves. We all have different circumstances, but what we do with those circumstances sets us apart.

Learn more about Veej's multitude of endeavors with these links:

SDVoyager Interview:

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