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Culture and coffee. It’s a grind.

Blake Dye, Music Curator and Producer of Public Square Coffee House’s After Hours, grew up in SouthEast San Diego. He curates and produces Soul Sundays, an intimate concert event carefully curated to showcase local neo-soul, funk, and jazz artists and spoken word while supporting local nonprofits like Sound Future.

Steady on the grind.

Before Blake started producing events like Soul Sunday at Public Square, he started in Orange County doing club events and a show called Wine Down Wednesday. Moved back to San Diego and became focused more on the music and joined forces with Aaron Henderson and Public Square. Creating in a dope atmosphere with good vibes and community interaction, Soul Sundays also features a local community non-profit that they support with the proceeds. So, come listen and interact.

What is your favorite part about being a professional creative?

Seeing the the dying art come back to life and the community enjoy the very music I love.

What are things people do not consider when thinking of pursuing creative arts?

All the overhead and back-end work it takes to run a smooth consistent show.

What words would you like to share with youth who would like to have a creative career?

Be confident and consistent. Surrounded yourself with people that will challenge and support you.

Do you also want to be a creative contributor?

If you'd like to volunteer your talents and help us #CreateCommunity to build a #SoundFuture for all, fill out this form: If there are any questions, you can contact Sound Future at

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