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Our Mission

Our Vision

Empower young adults in underserved communities to explore creative careers.

​Sound Future connects young people to successful, creative professionals through a series of discussion panels, presentations, and performances.

Our Vision is world where every person has the opportunity to pursue their creative passions shaping a more diverse and sound future. 

​If people are doing what they love for a living, they may have more time to reinvest back into the communities they live in - including sharing their joy and love with each other.

Kirin Macapugay & Virgil Yalong at the inaugural Sound Future (fka My Sound Future) in 2016. Photo: BKM Photography


Sound Future was created to motivate youth in under-resourced communities to explore the possibilities of a variety of rewarding creative careers. The youth (and the young-at-heart) learn during this informative career expo that it takes more than the performers on the stage to have a good performance. It takes a community of talented creatives from technicians, managers, marketers, graphic designers, and more! Our youth attendees are exposed to the many roles it takes to pull off a great show, how each role is integral, how a star cannot shine without the creatives behind the stage - most importantly, how they themselves can become a creative career professional.

Sound Future also functions as a resource hub that will connect youth to creative careers. By showing them successful professionals in creative fields, youth in vibrant communities can see examples of what possibilities exist. Through workshops and mentorship, we open up creative pathways where their imagination is their compass. 


P.O. Box 152562

San Diego, CA 92195


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