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From Day Festivals to Night Markets, she's done it.

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Lauren Garces, Vice President and Creative Director of Silk Road Productions, has thrown events large and small. She'll be one of our panelists at Sound Future's first 2019 workshop at ARTS in National City on February 23, 2019. Read more about here below!

Lauren Garces at the San Diego Night Market

From the 808 state to the West Coast.

Hailing from the island of Oahu, Lauren Garces finds her zen in organizing shelves and in the chaos of directing events. She has had humble beginnings and tremendous growth in San Diego through event production and community empowerment, and is currently the Vice President/ Creative Director of Silk Road Productions - one of the leading, award-winning event production companies in Southern California. A few of their signature projects include: Filipino Sun Festival, Linda Vista Multi-Cultural Fair, Asian Cultural Festival, D6 Night Market, San Diego Night Market, San Diego Ramen Festival, and Convoy Nights. When she's not collaborating to plan the next big event, you can find her adventuring to new places to absorb the cultures, arts, and devour lots of food! 

What is your favorite part about being a professional creative?

The platforms I get to build for communities that deserve to be highlighted.

What are things people do not consider when thinking of pursuing creative arts?

How to be creative with applying your craft for people who could use your service. The path is not always clearly laid out and it always helps to come up with innovative ways to use your talents to support others.

What words would you like to share with youth who would like to have a creative career?

Always pursue and make time for what you're passionate about. You will most likely have to get very creative with how you pursue a creative career, but there is no better reward than the one that made you learn the most about what you're truly capable of.

Do you also want to be a creative contributor?

If you'd like to volunteer your talents and help us #CreateCommunity to build a #SoundFuture for all, fill out this form: If there are any questions, you can contact Sound Future at

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