Connecting Youth to Creative careers

It takes more than the performer to make a great performance. It takes a community.

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Sound Future is teaming up with Pacific Arts Movement, Boodle Fight, and Each One Teach One for our 2019 Creative Career Expo. Reserve your space by clicking the picture, or go to For more info, visit

David Medina - Audio Engineering


Sound Future motivates youth in underserved communities to explore the possibilities of a variety of rewarding creative careers. It takes more than the performers on the stage to have a good performance -

it takes a community of talented creatives!

Our youth attendees are exposed to the many roles needed to produce a great show, how each role is integral, how a star cannot shine without the creatives behind the stage - most importantly, how they themselves can become a creative career professional.

We are writers, poets, dancers, singers. We are also the managers, audio/visual engineers, public relations specialists, all working to tell a story. Come and be a part of the story and our next chapter together.



"The path isn't always easy, but it is definitely rewarding. Follow your heart while being honest about acknowledging that resiliency, fortitude, hard work, and fierce determination are absolutely critical to success."

Anjanette Maraya-Ramey

Senior Manager of the Arts and Culture Funding Programs for the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

"Use your peers as street signs. They can tell you where you're at and even where you're headed but it's up to you to decide you end up. Be your own person and respect your own opinion as much as you do the people who advise you."

Parker Edison

Rapper, Lecturer, and Multimedia artist